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Counterterrorism gives the fight against terrorism cohesion and direction

Permanently focusing on international jihadism as the Netherlands' foremost form of terrorist threat. A close lookout for other ...

News item | 11-07-2016 | 10:17

More possibilities for revoking Dutch citizenship

The Senate has approved a legislative proposal submitted by Minister Van der Steur (Security and Justice) that allows for the ...

News item | 01-03-2016 | 10:42

Van der Steur and Dijkhoff explain the Presidency programme in Brussels

Minister Van der Steur and Minister for Migration Dijkhoff explain the Dutch Presidency programme today, to the European ...

News item | 11-01-2016 | 16:11

Counterterrorism legislation proceeds to the House of Representatives

The government has decided to submit to the House of Representatives four bills from the plan of action 'An Integrated Approach ...

News item | 27-11-2015 | 19:29

Meeting of the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Baltic States and Benelux Countries in Brussels, 15/11

The Foreign Ministers of the Baltic States and Benelux countries met today in Brussels at the invitation of Deputy Prime Minister ...

News item | 15-11-2015 | 23:31

Press statement by Prime Minister Mark Rutte of the Netherlands, 14 November 2015

Prime Minister Rutte’s reaction to the attacks in Paris

News item | 14-11-2015 | 17:31

Minister Van der Steur visiting the United States

Today, Minister Van der Steur is embarking on a two-day working visit to the United States (US). The minister will be holding ...

News item | 12-11-2015 | 11:24

Threat level continues to be 'substantial'

The threat level in the Netherlands continues to be 'substantial'. This means that there is a real chance of an attack in the ...

News item | 09-11-2015 | 11:46

Agreement increases cooperation in fire investigations

Minister van der Steur of Security and Justice on 12 October 2015 was presented with the "Cooperation in Fire Investigations in ...

News item | 12-10-2015 | 13:19

Amendment to Passport Act allowing automatic cancellation of jihadist travellers’ passports and identity cards

The Council of Ministers for the Kingdom has approved a bill to amend the Passport Act, proposed by Minister of the Interior and ...

News item | 04-09-2015 | 15:30