Evaluation of projects co-financed by the Sustainable Water Fund, FDW

The synthesis report concludes that the projects score moderate to satisfactory on the contribution to poverty alleviation and changes in sustainable growth, self-reliance, food security, safety and public health. The added value of the PPP's is mostly positive. As for financial, institutional, ecological, technical and social sustainability particularly the projects in Ethiopia show good results.

The Sustainable Water Fund (FDW) is a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) facility that aims to contribute to water safety and water security in developing countries by supporting PPPs in the water sector, including: (1) Improved and sustainable access to drinking water and sanitation; (2) Efficient and sustainable water use in agriculture; and (3) Safe deltas and improved river basin management. The facility is executed by the Netherlands Enterprises Agency and commissioned by the Inclusive Green Growth Department (IGG, Ministry of Foreign Affairs). An impact-evaluation of 5 projects (Colombia, Ethiopia, Ghana) from the first, out of three, tenders was commissioned by IGG. The results of this evaluation will contribute to a future decision on the renewal of this facility.