First Phase Review of the Netherlands Food Partnership: how big is your world?

The first phase evaluation of the Neth. Food Partnership, after 1,5 years of operation, confirms a solid ToC of which the assumptions need to be continually tested; satisfactory progress so far; a need to bring focus in partnership development; sharpen governance and include Southern (senior) staff and representation on the Supervisory Board. The report elaborates 16 specific findings.

The Netherlands Food Partnership is a new strategic entity emerging from previous investments in knowledge sharing, learning and partnership development in the domain of food and nutrition security. It's orientation is promising and challenging at the same time. The first phase review helps shaping a new organization at an early stage. The first phase operated still under previous financing agreements. The report has helped in shaping the NFP strategy, which formed the basis for a new financial commitment till 2029 by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The NFP strategy is also co-funded by the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature & Food Quality, who benefited in a similar way from this review.