Final Report Mid-Term Review Nexus Skills and Jobs Programme

At the time of this Mid-Term Review (MTR), the Nexus Skills and Jobs programme (EUR 104,5 million) contains 26 projects in nine countries, namely Burkina Faso, Burundi, Ethiopia, Jordan, Lebanon, Niger, Senegal, Somalia, and Tunisia. This MTR report has formulated thematic and operational recommendations for MFA staff at headquarters, the different Embassies and for implementing partners.

The aim of the Nexus Skills and Jobs programme (2019-2024) is to support young men and women to achieve a) empowerment through increased skills, and b) increased opportunities for economic participation, including employment and self-employment. The MTR concludes that planned interconnectedness of the two planned outcomes is still weak and therefore the results have not fully materialized (yet). To achieve results for outcome area B, an adjustment in the design of the ongoing projects appears necessary. As a next step, the MTR recommends developing an overarching Theory of Change (ToC) at programme level to serve as clear guidance on how to ensure that interventions work on both outcome areas of the programme.