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  1. Evaluation finale du projet ISSD: Développement Intégré du Secteur Semencier

    La production des semences étant dans les mains du gouvernement, les cadres légal et de régulation d’alors n’étaient pas ...

    Report | 31-12-2018

  2. A consortium of FMO, WWF-NL, SNV and CFM to manage the new Dutch Fund for Climate and Development

    Between 2019 and 2022 the Dutch government will provide €160 million through the Dutch Fund for Climate Development (DFCD) for ...

    Publication | 19-11-2018

  3. Looking back, looking forward; Evaluation of the Global Water Partnership

    This evaluation concludes that the Global Water Partnership (GWP) is an important and necessary partner for global ...

    Publication | 10-11-2018

  4. EKN exploration for a potential nutrition programme in Benin

    This rapport studies the Benin food security context in 2018 and describes four scenario for interventions by The Netherlands.

    Report | 22-05-2018

  5. Investing in Global Prospects

    The policy document 'Investing in global prospects' of Minister Sigrid Kaag (Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation) shows how ...

    Policy note | 18-05-2018

  6. EKN Engagement Strategy for Cabo Delgado

    The Cabo Delgado province will transform due to the gas explorations. If this transformation is includive, sustainable, divers ...

    Report | 31-03-2018

  7. Results Scoping Mission Knowledge Partnership for a Healthy Livestock Sector in Bangladesh

    For the development cooperation programme in Bangladesh, the Netherlands mission studied the possibilities of a livestock ...

    Report | 10-03-2018

  8. Mid Term Review IWRM Rwanda "Water for Growth"

    The Netherlands-Rwanda integrated water resources management programme (IWRM) started in May 2015 with 3 components: the IWRM ...

    Report | 13-11-2017

  9. GRF gender in food security ETH Final Report - Food security

    A review of Netherlands funded food security projects in Ethiopia offered valuable insights in how gender was integrated in ...

    Report | 08-05-2017

  10. Evaluation of the Dutch Employers' Cooperation Programme DECP - Assessment of the outcomes of DECP activities over the period 2013-2016

    The Dutch Employers' Cooperation Programme (DECP) is a foundation established in 2005 by the Dutch employers' organizations and ...

    Report | 01-05-2017