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  1. Evaluation à mi-parcours du projet MODHEM+

    L’évaluation vise à faire ressortir des recommandations pour ajuster les activités et la stratégie du projet afin d’améliorer son ...

    Report | 30-11-2022

  2. Evaluation of the Urban Sanitation Development Program

    This is the report of the Final Evaluation of the second phase of the Urban Sanitation Development Program - Phase 2 (the USDP-2 ...

    Report | 30-11-2022

  3. Theory of Change - Private Sector Development (English, October 2022)

    This Theory of Change focuses on private sector development. It describes challenges in this field of work, the context in which ...

    Publication | 28-11-2022

  4. End evaluation of the MFA-NL-supported NCEA programme 2017-2022

    The Netherlands Commission for Environmental Assessment (NCEA) is an independent advisory body to improve (Strategic) ...

    Report | 31-10-2022

  5. Policy Document for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation: Do what we do best

    In the coming years, the Netherlands will invest more in the combination of foreign trade and development cooperation. This is ...

    Policy note | 10-10-2022

  6. G50s and the UMVA platform: Mid-term evaluation of the AUXFIN Burundi programme

    This report presents the findings of a mid-term evaluation conducted by an external consultant contracted by the project. It ...

    Report | 19-08-2022

  7. Policy Framework Fund Combatting Sexual Exploitation of Children

    On 15 July 2022, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs published a call for grant proposals for the Fund Combating Sexual Exploitation ...

    Publication | 15-07-2022

  8. Evaluation à mi-parcours Projet de Renforcement de la Securité Alimentaire et Nutritionnelle (PRSAN) au Burundi (2019-2022)

    Le Projet de Renforcement de la Sécurité Alimentaire et Nutritionnelle (PRSAN) mis en œuvre par le Programme Alimentaire Mondial ...

    Report | 30-06-2022

  9. Evaluation finale Projet Benin Business (BeniBiz)

    This report is the final evaluation of the Benibiz project (2017-2022), financed by MFA and SDC and implemented by TechnoServe ...

    Report | 30-06-2022

  10. PSI-Programme Social Markentig of Public Health Commodities in Mozambique (2016 - 2021) – Evaluation

    The Social Market for Health was a six years project from December 2016 to December 2022 implemented by PSI . The national goals ...

    Report | 27-06-2022