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  1. The Netherlands’ Global Climate Strategy

    Scientific consensus on the urgency of the situation has prompted the Dutch government to speed up climate action. This first ...

    Publication | 22-12-2022

  2. End-of-Grant Evaluation of the Portfolio "Keeping the Food Markets Working"

    GAIN’s Covid-19 response programme effectively contributed to strengthening the short-term resilience of SMEs to ensure access to ...

    Report | 08-12-2022

  3. Speech by Minister Schreinemacher about the Africa Strategy

    Speech by Liesje Schreinemacher, Dutch Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation. Consultation with African ...

    Speech | 05-12-2022

  4. Speech by Minister Hoekstra about the Africa Strategy

    Speech by Wopke Hoekstra, Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs. Consultation with African ambassadors on Monday 5 December 2022. The ...

    Speech | 05-12-2022

  5. Mid-term evaluation Report- Project Job Booster SEC

    The mid-term evaluation of the project Job Booster SEC in Burkina Faso, aims to assess the progress made by the project and ...

    Report | 30-11-2022

  6. Evaluation à mi-parcours du projet MODHEM+

    L’évaluation vise à faire ressortir des recommandations pour ajuster les activités et la stratégie du projet afin d’améliorer son ...

    Report | 30-11-2022

  7. Evaluation of the Urban Sanitation Development Program

    This is the report of the Final Evaluation of the second phase of the Urban Sanitation Development Program - Phase 2 (the USDP-2 ...

    Report | 30-11-2022

  8. Theory of Change - Private Sector Development (English, October 2022)

    This Theory of Change focuses on private sector development. It describes challenges in this field of work, the context in which ...

    Publication | 28-11-2022

  9. End evaluation of the MFA-NL-supported NCEA programme 2017-2022

    The Netherlands Commission for Environmental Assessment (NCEA) is an independent advisory body to improve (Strategic) ...

    Report | 31-10-2022

  10. Mid term Review of the IWRM Programme

    The mid term review was commissioned by EKN Maputo and it was meant to provide insight to the results achieved by the IWRM ...

    Report | 13-10-2022