What are the advantages of divorce mediation?

When couples split up, the former partners have to reach agreement on a lot of issues. If they are unable to agree, a mediator can help them find a solution.

Reasons for choosing mediation

When a couple splits up the former partners may have difficulty communicating due to emotions, a lack of understanding or distrust. A mediator can help them communicate effectively and make the necessary agreements about the children, partner maintenance, child maintenance and other matters.

In mediation the parties resolve their conflict with the assistance of an independent mediator. There are several reasons for choosing mediation:

  • In most cases, mediation leads to a solution quickly.
  • During mediation you and your partner can discuss problems and resolve differences of opinion. This will make it easier for you to maintain contact after mediation.
  • You and your ex-partner are the ones who make the decisions concerning the arrangements.
  • Mediation is tailored specifically to your situation and is aimed at making agreements that suit you and your ex-partner.

Once you have reached agreement on the arrangements through mediation, you and your partner can engage a lawyer together. The lawyer can then have the agreements validated in court. Any couple seeking a divorce must engage a lawyer.

During mediation your court case is suspended

During the mediation process your court case will be suspended. If you do not manage to reach agreement on every issue in mediation, you can ask the court to resume the case, at least in part.