Applying for a certificate of authenticity of a driving licence

The RDW manages the Central Driving Licence Register (Centraal Rijbewijzenregister). This register contains information about your driving licence, driving ability and whether you are fit to drive, such as which vehicles you are allowed to drive. You can request a statement from the RDW stating that you are registered in the Central Driving Licence Register. This is the certificate of authenticity.

Last updated on 26 January 2021

Certificate of authenticity

The certificate of authenticity contains information regarding your driving licence, including personal information, driving licence number, date of issue and categories. The certificate is in English. You can use the certificate of authenticity if you move to another country in the EU, for example, and you wish to apply for a new driving licence in that country.

Applying for a certificate of authenticity

You can apply to the RDW for a certificate of authenticity.

Laws and regulations (in Dutch)

Road Traffic Law 1994

Rules on driving licences

Regulation on providing data for the driving licence register

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