Where am I allowed to fly my drone?

You are allowed to fly in the uncontrolled section of airspace, in other words: airspace that doesn’t fall under the authority of air traffic control. Certain sections of airspace are subject to temporary or permanent no-fly orders. You are not allowed to fly over crowds or in the vicinity of airports. You need a permit to fly over protected nature areas.

Drone map of the Netherlands

There is a map that shows which areas are partly or entirely off-limits to drones. If you wish to fly your drone in an area with low-flying aeroplanes, you must bring along a second person to act as a spotter, who can warn you about approaching aircraft. You must always yield to aeroplanes or other aircraft.

Drones are only permitted to fly in uncontrolled sections of airspace

Unless you have been granted an exemption, you are only allowed to fly in the uncontrolled section of airspace. It does not matter if you are using your drone for recreation or to earn money (commercial use). In addition to whatever specific rules may apply to the area where you have chosen to fly, you must always comply with the general rules for flying drones.

No-fly zones for drones

Certain sections of airspace are temporarily or permanently off-limits to drones, like the airspace above the Royal Palace in Amsterdam or major events like Sail.

Licence to fly over Natura 2000 areas

If you wish to fly over Natura 2000 areas (protected nature areas), you will need to apply for a permit from the provincial authority in question.