Where can I fly a drone?

For reasons of safety, flying a drone is not permitted everywhere. For example, it is prohibited in the vicinity of airports. Flying a drone is permitted in the free section of the airspace. This section is not monitored by air traffic control.

Where am I permitted to fly?

In principle, you are only permitted to fly in airspace category G. This is the free section of the airspace. In this respect, it does not matter whether you fly your drone for personal purposes or use the drone to make money (commercial use).

Where is flying not permitted?

You are not permitted to fly in areas monitored by air traffic control, as this may endanger other air traffic such as aeroplanes and helicopters.

General rules for flying drones

In addition to the rules pertaining to the location where you are flying, the following general rules apply for all drone flights.

  • You are not permitted to exceed an altitude of 120 metres above the ground or the water.
  • You must give priority to all other aircraft.
  • You must fly at a safe distance from people and buildings.
  • You must always keep the drone in sight.
  • You are not permitted to fly in the dark.

Flight restrictions

Temporary or permanent flight restrictions may apply to sections of the airspace. For example, the airspace over the Royal Palace, or over major events such as Sail Amsterdam.