Committees involved in the controlled cannabis supply chain experiment

An advisory committee was created to issue recommendations about the design of the experiment in cultivating cannabis for recreational use and about what conditions the experiment should meet. During and after the experiment another independent committee will provide guidance and conduct an evaluation.

Advisory committee

The independent advisory committee was asked for its recommendations by the Minister of Justice and Security and the Minister for Healthcare. It presented its advisory report on 20 June 2018. The report can be read here. The advisory committee began work on 1 March 2018, and its focus encompasses the entire chain of production and distribution and not merely sales.

The committee’s chair is Professor André Knottnerus. The other members of the committee are experts and scientists from a variety of fields, including addiction prevention and care, food and other consumer products, justice, local government and international law.

The committee can be contacted at

Guidance and evaluation committee

The government will also establish a guidance and evaluation committee, which will appoint researchers to monitor the experiment while it is happening and to carry out an independent evaluation.