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Reliable Investigations Report presented by the WODC I Committee

Today, the WODC I Committee, under the chairmanship of J.A.C.A. Overgaauw, LL.M, presented its report titled Reliable ...

News item | 31-10-2018 | 15:42

Design of cannabis cultivation experiment to be clarified in the course of 2018

The design of the 'Closed coffee shop chain experiment' will be clarified in the course of 2018. Minister of Justice and Security ...

News item | 09-03-2018 | 11:00

Knottnerus appointed chair of advisory committee on experiment in weed cultivation

Prof. J.A. (André) Knottnerus has been appointed chair of the independent advisory committee 'Experiment in closed chain for ...

News item | 23-02-2018 | 13:22

Legislative proposal for closing drug houses submitted to House of Representatives

The legislative proposal by Minister Blok (Security and Justice) for improving the approach to drug-related crime was submitted ...

News item | 21-08-2017 | 14:51

Steps to combat outlaw motorcycle gangs remain necessary

Problems with outlaw motorcycle gangs continue to give as much cause for concern as ever. According to Minister Blok of Security ...

News item | 06-07-2017 | 08:25

Better approach to drug use by drivers

As of 1 July 2017, road users can be checked for drug use by means of a saliva tester. The police will be phasing in this new ...

News item | 30-06-2017 | 16:42

National roll-out of mandatory alcohol and drug testing for violent offenders from 1 July

Heavier sentences for violence committed while under the influence From 1 July, police officers nationwide will implement their ...

News item | 28-06-2017 | 16:50

Government looking to close down drugs premises quicker

Mayors are given more powers to close down residences and other buildings in the fight against drugs crime. At present, this is ...

News item | 27-01-2017 | 12:29

Tougher stance on drug and alcohol-related violence

The Senate today adopted a bill by Minister van der Steur (Security and Justice) improving the approach to violence committed by ...

News item | 27-09-2016 | 07:52

The intensive approach to subversive crime in Zuid Nederland (the Southern part of the Netherlands) will be continued

The intensive efforts in the approach to subversive and organised crime in Zuid Nederland (the southern part of the Netherlands) ...

News item | 15-06-2016 | 15:52

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