I am a healthcare innovator with an idea for eHealth. How can I take it a step further?

Do you have an idea for a new digital healthcare application? And would you like to take it further than just your local hospital, care institution or region? There are several options open to you.


Zorgvoorinnoveren.nl (in Dutch) is a website set up by the government to provide guidance for healthcare innovators. You will find information here that helps you develop your idea, including on ways of getting it funded, or on advancing your idea towards a working application. The website also gives examples of healthcare innovations.

Health deals

Health deals are arrangements between the government and various other parties, including from the private sector. The purpose of these deals is to advance innovations.

Health Impact Bonds

Health Impact Bonds are a way for private parties to invest in innovative healthcare. The investment should enhance the quality of care and help cut costs. If the agreed results are achieved, investors will be repaid from the savings made.