The BZ 24/7 Contact Centre for consular assistance and advice

The 24/7 Contact Centre at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs can give you information and advice about passports, safe travel and legalisation. But it can also help if something happens to you – for example if you end up in hospital or lose your travel documents.

Reachability BZ 24/7 Contact Centre

As the name suggests, the BZ 24/7 Contact Centre can be reached at +31 247 247 247 any time of the day or night, wherever you are in the world. So even if you live abroad or are going away on holiday, make sure you have our number in your phone.

If you call a Dutch embassy from outside the Netherlands, you’ll be automatically connected to the 24/7 Contact Centre, so you only pay local phone charges. To find the telephone number of the nearest Dutch embassy, visit the embassy’s website.

Travel advice

Wherever you plan to go, make sure you’re well prepared. Check the latest online travel advice (in Dutch) from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and download the 24/7 BZ Travel Advice App.

You can also follow us on X @247BZ, where you’ll find the latest travel advice. You can also ask questions and find other important travel news.