How can I avoid calling 112 by accident?

There are a number of ways you might accidentally call 112. Take care, for example, not to automatically press the ‘call’ button if ‘alarm number’ flashes on your screen. You should also take care that the button isn’t pressed accidentally when the phone is in your pocket or handbag.


Children playing with a parent’s old mobile phone can also inadvertently call 112, even if there is no prepaid credit on the phone. If the screen displays the message 'emergency calls only', a child can call 112 simply by pressing the call button. Before allowing a child to play with a mobile phone, parents should always make sure that the battery is dead and that the phone can no longer be used to make calls.

Don’t programme ‘112’ into your telephone’s memory

Do not enter the number into your phone’s memory under ‘112’. This will put the number at the top of the list of saved numbers, and as a result, you could accidentally call 112 by pressing the ‘call’ button. It’s better to simply commit this number to memory, or to write it on a sticker and put it on your mobile.

Message from the police regarding 112 abuse

If you receive a text message or a voicemail from 112, you may have accidentally made an emergency call, for example while the phone was in your bag or pocket.