Will the operator immediately see my number and location if I call from my mobile?

The location of calls placed to 112 from mobile phones will also be displayed to the emergency call centre. This is almost always the place of the cell tower used for the call. Your number will also be displayed, even if you are using a mobile phone.

Location information for emergency services

When the emergency call centre forwards your call to the police, fire brigade or ambulance service, your location will not be transferred automatically. The regional emergency service in question may ask for this information. This information is particularly important if you don’t know exactly where you are or if you have been injured and can no longer speak.

Caller ID for 112

The telephone number of every call appears automatically in the computer of the emergency call centre. This means the operator will be able to see your number. This is so you can be called back if the connection is poor or if you hang up in a panic.

Caller ID combats abuse of 112

The use of caller ID also combats abuse of 112. All calls to 112 are recorded as a matter of course.

No location information or caller ID without a SIM card

You can also call 112 from your mobile if you don’t have a SIM card, though in this case your location and number will not be conveyed to the emergency call centre. Consequently, you can’t be called back.

Outside the Netherlands, you can’t call 112 without a SIM card, as many emergency call centres there block ‘SIM-less’ calls.