Requesting an energielabel for your property

An energielabel (energy performance certificate) shows the energy efficiency of a property. The energielabel also notes potential energy-saving measures for a property. When property owners sell or rent their property, they are required to provide buyers or tenants with a definitive energielabel. 

Last updated on 4 November 2021

Looking up a provisional energielabel

You can consult the Milieu Centraal website (in Dutch) to find the provisional energielabel for your property. This is an estimate, based on data such as the type and size of the property and when it was built.

Requesting a definitive energielabel

Follow these steps to obtain a definitive energielabel: 

  • Find an energieadviseur (energy adviser) (in Dutch) on the Centraal Register Techniek website and apply for one or more quotes. 
  • Confirm the quote and make an appointment with your energieadviseur. 
  • The energieadviseur will assess the accommodation on-site. You need to be present at the assessment of your property. Make sure you have as much information about the property as possible. This includes building plans, documentation and invoices for improvement measures. 
  • The energieadviseur will calculate and record the energy performance. Then you will receive a copy of the energielabel. 

If you are struggling with your application for an energielabel, contact the Helpdesk Energielabel by telephone within the Netherlands on +31 800 08 08 or from abroad on +31 70 37 98 000. Or by email at

Laws and regulations (in Dutch)

Decree on energy performance of buildings

Regulation on energy performance of buildings