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UNEA2 Multi-stakeholder dialogue on ‘Restoring and sustaining healthy ecosystems: partnerships to jointly deliver on the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development’, 27 May 2016

Short speech by the Dutch Minister for the Environment

Speech | 30-05-2016

Ministerial Breakfast on Innovation and Partnerships for Sustainable Consumption and Production, 27 May 2016

Short speech by Dutch Minister for the Environment Sharon Dijkstra on cooperation and innovation in the phosphate value chain

Speech | 30-05-2016

Speech by Sharon Dijksma, Minister for the Environment, at the Living Lab event ‘Zero emission public transport’, Eindhoven, 18 May 2016

Speech | 18-05-2016

Speech by Sharon Dijksma, Minister for the Environment, at the Climate session on civil aviation and maritime shipping during the joint Informal Transport and Environment Council meeting

This morning, Minister Sharon Dijksma addressed a unique joint meeting of EU Transport and Environment Ministers on the ...

Speech | 15-04-2016

Speech by Sharon Dijksma, Minister for the Environment, at the Informal Environment Council meeting, Amsterdam

'My message to policymakers and the industry is crystal clear: road transport that produces low or no emissions should be the ...

Speech | 14-04-2016

Speech by Sharon Dijksma, Minister of Infrastructure and the Environment, at the World Resources Institute dinner in The Hague

“Together we can make this big idea happen”. This is what Environment Minister Sharon Dijksma said during the World Resources ...

Speech | 24-03-2016

Joint statement on whaling and safety at sea

Media article | 12-01-2016

Letter to parliament on progress From Waste to Resource Programme

In this letter to the House of Representatives the progress of the Circular Economy programme 'From Waste to Resource' is ...

Parliamentary document: Letter to the Parliament | 15-04-2015

Progress Report Circular Economy in the Netherlands

The progress on the project From Waste to Resource is described for each different action per operational objective. 

Report | 15-04-2015

Tackling carrier bags (including free plastic bags)

Letter to the Chairperson of the House of Representatives about tackling carrier bags (including free plastic bags).

Letter | 26-02-2015