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International green deal with France, Flanders and the United Kingdom

Recyclable plastic and materials like aluminium and lead which remain after the incineration of waste, far too often end up as ...

News item | 03-03-2016 | 16:00

Government asks SER for advisory opinion on circular economy opportunities

The government has asked the Social and Economic Council (SER) for its advisory opinion on how businesses, civil society ...

News item | 11-12-2015 | 15:30

The Netherlands votes against delaying the introduction of more stringent emissions tests for new diesel vehicles

The European Commission’s proposal to further delay the introduction of stricter, real-world tests for new diesel vehicles and ...

News item | 29-10-2015 | 15:15

Minister Mansveld advocates quick introduction of new and reliable car testing in Europe

Europe must quickly take steps to put an end to cheating involving the admission requirements for cars. ‘Both consumers and the ...

News item | 28-09-2015 | 16:22

The Netherlands helping China to achieve cleaner air

Upon signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), the Dutch Minister of Enviroment Ms Mansveld and her Chinese counterpart Chen ...

News item | 24-03-2015 | 08:00

The Netherlands advocates speed in tackling emission of greenhouse gases

At the end of October, the EU Member States set down agreements involving a reduction of at least 40 per cent of the emission of ...

News item | 18-12-2014 | 11:08

Two Green Deals for a cleaner sea and beach

We need to reduce the amount of litter ending up in the North Sea. The national government, the fishing sector and the beach ...

News item | 24-11-2014 | 12:19

Ministry of Infrastructure & the Environment to purchase sustainable fuel for air travel

With effect from April 2015, the Ministry of Infrastructure & the Environment intends to purchase sustainable fuel for its ...

News item | 15-10-2014 | 10:19

Government and market join forces to make the Netherlands climate-proof

Governments, market parties, civil society organisations, knowledge institutes and educational establishments have joined forces ...

News item | 13-10-2014 | 16:46

I&M 2015 budget: investing in better connections and a cleaner living environment

In 2015, the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment will be spending 9.2 billion euros on making the Netherlands ...

News item | 16-09-2014 | 13:30