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  1. External consultations on Matra subsidy policy framework ‘Government-to-Government’ 2025-2029

    This document contains a request for input from organizations that wish to qualify for a Matra ‘Government-to-Government’ ...

    Publication | 16-01-2024

  2. Grant Policy Framework for Matra 'government to government' 2020-2024

    The Matra programme (Maatschappelijke Transformatie; ‘social transformation’) is part of the government’s overarching policy on ...

    Decree | 13-09-2019

  3. Letter concerning the Shiraka programme

    Letter of 15 November 2016 from the Minister of Foreign Affairs to the House of Representatives concerning the Shiraka programme ...

    Parliamentary document: Letter to the Parliament | 15-11-2016

  4. Policy response: comments on the IOB’s main findings

    Policy response on the main findings of the IOB document 'The Only Constant is Change: Evaluation of the Dutch contribution to ...

    Parliamentary document | 02-09-2015