Funding of European grants

The EU partly funds the costs of most European grants. At least 50% of the costs are funded by the member states themselves.

Grants provided directly or through governments

The EU funds projects in two ways:

  • By leaving funding to the member states

The funds are then managed by the national or regional authorities in the member state. This applies in the case of the common agricultural policy, for example

  • By issuing grants directly to beneficiaries

Beneficiaries include universities, businesses and interest groups.

Rules for European grants

The EU has drawn up the following rules for issuing grants:

  • Grants can only be issued after a call for proposals. Applicants are requested to submit a plan in keeping with the policy field and the relevant conditions.
  • Only partial funding is available. This increases applicants' commitment.
  • Grants must not yield profits for applicants.
  • Retrospective grants are not allowed.