Do I need a licence to export dual-use goods?

If you are exporting dual-use goods within the European Union (EU), you generally do not require a licence. However, the goods must have a clear civil purpose. Exceptions apply for a number of highly sensitive goods.

Licensing requirements and export bans for dual-use goods

Customs’ manual on safety, health, the economy and the environment (Handboek VGEM) explains when dual-use goods are subject to a licensing requirement or an export ban (link in Dutch). It depends on the nature of the product or its final destination. 

Ad hoc licensing requirement (catch-all decision)

The government can also require a licence for goods that are not subject to a licensing requirement. This is known as an ad hoc licensing requirement or a catch-all decision. This can happen, for example, if there are indications that the goods will be – or might be – used for the development of weapons of mass destruction. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will inform you by telephone and registered letter whether you have been granted a licence.