What should I do if I have concerns about the end user or end use of my goods?

If you have any concerns, you should contact the Central Import and Export Office (CDIU). The CDIU and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs perform a risk assessment for every licence application. The end user is a key factor in this assessment.

End-user statement

The authorities need to have sufficient information about the end user of strategic goods. This is why applicants are required to include an end-user statement (EUS) with their application for an export licence for dual-use goods. In this signed document, the end user declares in writing that the goods will be used strictly for civil purposes. 

There is no prescribed format for an EUS. Filling in an EUS should not be treated as a perfunctory exercise. It is intended to show that the end user is acting in the spirit of export control legislation and is familiar with the obligations this entails. In the case of the export of military goods, there is no need to submit a EUS stating the goods will be used strictly for civil purposes. In the case of direct delivery of military goods to the armed forces, a contract is often sufficient.

For more information you can contact the CDC on +31 (0)88 151 2122.