When do I need an export licence for military goods?

Certain military goods, such as guns, ammunition, tear gas and warships, require an export licence. The European Union (EU) Common Military List specifies which goods these are.

List of military goods requiring an export licence

If you are seeking to export military goods or transship them through the Netherlands, you must file a notification or apply for a licence. Specifically, this policy applies to products on the EU Common Military List and the EU Common Dual-Use List.

Applying for export or transit licences for military goods

Application forms for the import, export and transit of military goods (link in Dutch) are available on the website of Customs’ Central Import and Export Office (CDIU). On behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the CDIU assesses all licence applications against the criteria of Dutch arms export policy.

Preliminary application for a military export licence (sondage)

If you would like to know if you are eligible for an export licence, you can submit a sondage (preliminary application) (link in Dutch) to the CDIU. You can even do this before you have signed a contract.