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Advancing sustainable animal products in Northwest Europe

This document shows the plans that resulted from a series of workshops that took place in 2020. Lots of different stakeholders ...

Publication | 02-12-2020

Rolnictwo, przyroda i żywność: cenne i wzajemnie połączone

Holandia jako lider w dziedzinie rolnictwa w obiegu zamkniętym.

Policy note | 04-03-2020

Vision Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality

Policy note | 19-11-2018

Speech by Minister for Agriculture Martijn van Dam at the opening of the AU-EU Conference Noordwijk

Speech by Minister for Agriculture Martijn van Dam at the opening of the AU-EU Conference, Noordwijk, 4 July 2016

Speech | 04-07-2016

Letter concerning safeguard public interests in the event of a takeover of a telecommunications company like KPN

Letter to the House of Representatives about safeguard public interests in general, and national security in particular, in the ...

Parliamentary document | 10-06-2014

Summary on Global Oceans Action Summit

The Chair's summary and main outcome of the Global Oceans Action Summit held from 22 April until 25 April 2014 in The Hague.

Report | 25-04-2014

Facts and figures on consumer food waste in 2013

How much food is wasted bij consumers in The Netherlands?

Publication | 30-01-2014

Follow up letter horsemeat

As promised in my letter of 14 February 2013, I can now inform you, also on behalf of the Minister of Health, Welfare and Sport ...

Parliamentary document | 27-02-2013


As promised during the General Meeting of the Agriculture Council on 13 February last, I can now inform you, on behalf of the ...

Parliamentary document | 19-02-2013

Letter of the European Parliament to the European Commision on review nanotechnology

Letter to the European Commission about a second review on legislation of nanomaterials. The letter is sent by Carl Schlyter, ...

Letter | 06-07-2012

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