Road haulage

The government wants to make the Dutch road haulage sector more competitive. This means that important areas and ports must be easily accessible by road.

Using roads better

A joint central and regional government and private sector programme known as ‘Better Use’ aims to reduce congestion on the busiest roads. The goal is to reduce the number of traffic jams on the busiest stretches by 20% in 2014 by, for example:

  • improving existing roads;
  • encouraging companies to transport freight outside peak hours;
  • encouraging companies to transport more freight by water.

Cabotage in the European Union

Another way of making Dutch road haulage more competitive is cabotage, whereby haulage companies in other European Union (EU) member states are allowed to haul freight for the domestic market. After transporting freight from their home state to another member state, hauliers are permitted to make up to 3 trips in that other member state within 7 days.

There are no limits on cabotage in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg for hauliers from these 3 countries.

Reducing the environmental burden of freight transport

The government is gradually tightening up the requirements for lorries and delivery vans in the interests of the environment. The engines of such vehicles must be cleaner, more efficient and quieter. More efficient transport, including the use of longer, heavier lorries, also reduces the burden on the environment.

Transporting freight in city centres

It is vital for the economy that goods are supplied to shops and businesses in city centres quickly and on time. The government wants local authorities and companies to make good arrangements to improve efficiency, with goods preferably being delivered after the morning peak. They can also combine smaller consignments.