Reducing dependence on Russia

The Netherlands wants to be less dependent on Russian gas. At the same time the government wants to make sure that the Netherlands will still have enough energy in the future.

The war’s effect on our energy supply

Russia’s war with Ukraine is having an impact on energy supplies in the Netherlands. The Netherlands has enough gas to get through the next winter season and the next few months after that. However, the uncertainty about the war is already causing a sharp increase in oil and gas prices.

The Russian government makes a lot of money by selling gas to the Netherlands and the rest of Europe. This is far from ideal, but at present, parts of Europe (including the Netherlands) cannot yet do without Russian gas. The government therefore wants to help the Netherlands get to a point where it no longer needs it.

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Government action

The Netherlands and Europe are trying to become independent of Russian gas in a number of ways.

  • To be well prepared for next winter, the Netherlands will ensure that its gas reserves are well stocked. And that more liquefied gas (LNG) can be imported from other countries.
  • The Netherlands and Europe will reduce their energy use and speed up their transition to sustainable sources of energy. For example, by insulating more homes, increasing the use of green gas and hydrogen, and installing additional wind turbines in the North Sea.