Applying for individual vehicle approval

If you have built your own vehicle, or if you have made major modifications to an existing vehicle – for instance, to the engine or the brake system – or if you have converted a bus into a camper van, you must first have the vehicle approved by the Netherlands vehicle authority RDW before it is allowed on the road. This also applies to vehicles that have not been previously registered in Europe.

Last updated on 19 May 2021

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When do you need individual vehicle approval?

Most vehicles have what is known as type approval. These are mass-produced vehicles built according to European rules and they can be driven without additional approval. You must apply for vehicle approval if:

  • this is a vehicle that has not previously been registered in Europe (type approval);
  • you have built it yourself (type approval);
  • you have made major modifications after the EU registration certificate has been issued (modification approval).

The RDW website lists all the vehicle requirements for each type of vehicle.

Applying for individual vehicle approval

You can have your vehicle inspected at an RDW inspection centre or at the RDW Product Assessment Department. The RDW website sets out for each type of vehicle how you can make an appointment for an inspection.

Laws and regulations (in Dutch)

Wegenverkeerswet 1994, artikelen 98 en 99

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