Having your vehicle undergo a periodic vehicle inspection (APK)

What happens during an algemene periodieke keuring – APK (periodic vehicle inspection)? It is when an inspector checks that your vehicle meets road safety and environmental standards. In Europe, the APK for cars is compulsory. After the APK, you will receive a keuringsrapport (inspection report).

Last updated on 27 December 2021

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When and how often to get an APK

When and how often you should get your APK? That information can be found on the Rijksdienst voor het wegverkeer – RDW (Netherlands Vehicle Authority) website. If your vehicle has already had an APK, then the next date of inspection will be shown on the inspection report.

Where to get an APK

You can have your vehicle tested at RDW-approved garages and test centres in the Netherlands. You can also have an APK carried out on your vehicle in Belgium and Spain.

Laws and regulations (in Dutch)

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