Mine Action and Cluster Munitions Programme 2020-2024

The Netherlands sustains its support for a world free of the threat of mines and explosive remnants of war. Even years after the end of armed conflict, landmines, cluster munitions and other explosives pose a great physical safety threat to people. Furthermore, the presence of landmines often forms a major obstruction for stability, reconstruction and inclusive social-economic development in already fragile contexts.

Funding for Mine Action 2020 - 2024

The deadline to submit applications for the Mine Action and Cluster Munitions Programme 2020-2024 has passed. Applicants will be informed about the status of their application before May 29 23:59.59 CEST.

Working towards a mine free world

With its Mine Action and Cluster Munitions Programme, the Netherlands actively contributes to the international ambition to reach a mine free world by 2025. Around 10 people every day are killed or injured by land mines. In 2018, this average even rose to 20 casualties per day. The vast majority of the victims—70 percent—are civilians, with 5 out of 10 children. Many countries have stopped using and producing landmines, but around 60 countries still face a landmine problem.

Use of (improvised) landmines by non-state actors and armed groups has recently caused a rise in casualties. The Dutch Programme aims to enlarge the physical security of people as well as their ability to use their land free of fear to lose a limb or their lives or loved ones. To clear land from mines and other explosives has a significant impact on livelihoods. It enables people to use their land, grow crops, sell them on the market and use this income to send their children to school.