Viewing the Centraal Curatele- en bewindregister – CCBR

In the Centraal Curatele- en bewindregister – CCBR (Central Register of Guardianships and Fiduciary Administrations) you can find out which persons are under guardianship. You can also find out which persons’ assets have been placed under fiduciary administration. You can search the CBBR online.

Last updated on 5 November 2021

Guardianship and fiduciary administration

Is someone no longer able to made decisions about their financial and personal affairs? Or are they endangering the safety of themselves or others? A judge may put that person onder curatele (under guardianship) (link in Dutch) or place their money and possessions onder bewind (under fiduciary administration). A curator (guardian) or bewindvoerder (fiduciary administrator) will then make decisions for that person. 

All current placements under guardianship and fiduciary administration are contained in the CCBR. 

Searching the CCBR

You can search search the Centraal Curatele- en bewindregister (in Dutch) on the website

Laws and regulations (in Dutch)

Civil code, Book 1, Article 391