Hazardous substances and high-risk enterprises

Enterprises like chemical plants and petrol stations have large quantities of hazardous substances. These are ‘high-risk’ enterprises, and they must comply with strict safety rules.

Regulated location for high-risk enterprises

If an accident occurs at a high-risk enterprise, such as a fire or explosion, hazardous substances may be released into the surrounding area and cause harm. That’s why high-risk enterprises may not be located just anywhere. A high-risk enterprise may not, for example, be located in an area where many people live or work, in a residential area or near a hospital or school. This is stipulated in the Installations (Public Safety) Decree. It also tells local and provincial authorities whether new buildings can be permitted near an existing enterprise.

Risk of serious accident

Enterprises where there is a risk of serious accidents involving hazardous substances must comply with the 2015 Hazards of Major Accidents Decree (BRZO 2015), which obliges them to take extra safety precautions. These include training and disaster response plans. Bureau BRZO+ publishes a list of enterprises covered by the Decree.