Changing your health insurance

You can change health insurers at the end of each year. Whether or not you can also change your additional insurance depends on the policy conditions.

Ending your health insurance

You must cancel your old insurance before 1 January and take out new insurance before 1 February. You will then be insured with retroactive effect from 1 January.

Transfer service

Health insurers offer a transfer service. They will cancel your old insurance for you if you take out a new policy with them before 31 December.

Other insurer for additional insurance

You are not obliged to take out additional insurance with the company that provides your standard package. If you take out a standard package with a new insurer, you can keep the additional package with your current insurer and vice versa.

Special conditions may apply to a ‘separate’ additional package. The premium may be higher or the insurer may apply a qualifying period. You will be insured during the qualifying period but certain costs will not be reimbursed. Your insurer can inform you of the conditions.

Obligation to accept applications

Under the Healthcare Insurance Act, insurers are obliged to accept anyone who applies for a standard package regardless of health, age or sex.

This obligation does not apply to additional insurance. You are not legally required to have additional insurance and insurers may reject applications for such insurance. They also set the premium and decide on the cover provided.