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  1. End evaluation of the policy framework Leading from the South (2017-2020)

    This evaluation assesses the achievements of Leading from the South (LFS), a four-year program that ended on December 31st, 2020. ...

    Report | 30-10-2021

  2. Russia: Media Freedom Coalition statement

    The members of the Media Freedom Coalition express their deep concern about the Russian government’s intensifying harassment of ...

    Diplomatic statement | 29-10-2021

  3. Joint Statement on Yemen

    Joint statement on the human rights situation in Yemen behalf of multiple countries and the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

    Diplomatic statement | 29-10-2021

  4. Dutch Human rights report 2020

    The Human Rights Report 2020 gives a detailed account of the results of Dutch human rights policy.

    Report | 27-10-2021

  5. Annual report on international human rights proceedings

    The annual report (2020) on international human rights proceedings, written by the International Law Division of the Legal ...

    Report | 07-09-2021

  6. Study on Feminist Foreign Policy

    Study on the possibilities and opportunities concerning an Feminist Foreign Policy (FFP) for the Netherlands based on other ...

    Report | 31-08-2021

  7. Fundamental Rights and Algorithms Impact Assessment (FRAIA)

    The Fundamental Rights and Algorithm Impact Assessment (FRAIA) helps to map the risks to human rights in the use of algorithms ...

    Report | 31-07-2021

  8. Hong Kong: Media Freedom Coalition statement

    Members of the Media Freedom Coalition issue a statement on media freedom in Hong Kong.

    Diplomatic statement | 13-07-2021

  9. Declaration of Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Lithuania, Denmark, Spain, Sweden, Latvia, Italy, Greece, Austria and Cyprus

    We express our grave concern about the adoption by the Hungarian Parliament of amendments which discriminate against LGBTIQ ...

    Diplomatic statement | 22-06-2021

  10. Déclaration de quatorze Etats membres européens sur la protection des personnes LGBTIQ au sein de l’Union européenne

    Publication | 17-05-2021