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Anne Frank an inspiration for young Brazilian slum-dwellers

Anne Frank is a source of inspiration for young people all over the world who lead lives of hardship, and who are exposed to war, ...

News item | 07-04-2010 | 00:00

The Equal Treatment Commission will become the Board for Human Rights and Equal Treatment

The Cabinet has agreed to the legislative proposal from Minister Hirsch Ballin of the Interior and Kingdom Relations and of ...

News item | 01-04-2010 | 11:55

Dutch human rights efforts make a difference around the world

Dutch efforts in support of human rights are making a difference, both in terms of global issues and in individual cases. This ...

News item | 23-03-2010 | 00:00

Further measures against child labour and forced labour

The Dutch government is to demand repayment of grants made to businesses that use child labour or forced labour. When submitting ...

News item | 17-03-2010 | 00:00

Verhagen: notorious human rights violators have no place in Human Rights Council

In his address today to the Human Rights Council in Geneva, foreign minister Maxime Verhagen said that membership of the Council ...

News item | 03-03-2010 | 00:00

Verhagen: Burma must release Aung San Suu Kyi and hold free elections

Today, the Supreme Court of Burma rejected Aung San Suu Kyi’s appeal against the extension of her house arrest. Minister of ...

News item | 26-02-2010 | 00:00

The Netherlands argues for immediate action to improve the operation of the European Court of Human Rights

The Netherlands today argued for immediate action to improve the operation of the European Court of Human Rights. It did so at a ...

News item | 19-02-2010 | 13:46

The Netherlands and Burundi: further cooperation on security and human rights

The Netherlands and Burundi are to step up cooperation in the security sector in order to improve the security and human rights ...

News item | 03-02-2010 | 00:00

EU to tackle child labour in follow-up to Dutch initiative

The European Union can do more to combat child labour, through political dialogue and development cooperation and by introducing ...

News item | 19-01-2010 | 00:00

Koenders: women’s voices should be heard at Afghanistan conference

Development minister Bert Koenders says that Afghan women should be allowed to address the Afghanistan conference that will take ...

News item | 14-01-2010 | 00:00