How do I apply for a certificate of conduct (VOG)?

There are several ways to obtain a certificate of conduct (VOG): through your municipality, online or through the Integrity and Screening Agency (Justis).

If you are about to start a new job or internship, your employer might ask you to provide a VOG. This is a document showing that your past conduct forms no obstacle to your carrying out your new role. You can apply for a VOG either online or through your municipality. 

If you are not registered in the Personal Records Database (BRP), you will need to apply directly through Justis. 

In all cases, Justis decides whether or not a VOG will be issued.

Applying for a VOG 

You can obtain a VOG in one of three ways:

  • Through your municipality
    You need a VOG because you are applying for a job or a work permit, or you want to emigrate, etc. Send a fully completed application form (PDF, 0.18MB) to the municipality in which you are registered. If you need a VOG for a job, your current or future employer will usually provide the application form. The employer will already have completed and signed part of the form. You must identify yourself at the municipality. A fee is payable when you apply for a VOG. The VOG is free of charge for a certain volunteers.
  • Online 
    You can apply for a VOG online only if your current or future employer starts the application procedure. How you and your employer should apply for a VOG via the internet is explained on Justis’s website.
  • Through Justis 
    If you are not registered in the BRP, you must apply directly to Justis, for example if you are working temporarily in the Netherlands or live abroad. Complete the application form (PDF, 0.18MB) and send it to Justis. Justis can also help businesses (legal entities) that need a VOG. For instance, if they wish to conclude a contract or join an industry association. A separate application form is available for legal entities (in Dutch, pdf, 0,24 MB). 

The application form is also available in English. The VOG will be drawn up in Dutch, but will have a summary in English.