When is my company or organisation required to pay reproduction fees?

Publications such as books, newspapers and magazines are protected by copyright. Companies, government agencies, and educational establishments that make copies of these publications are obliged by law to pay a reproduction fee. This is a fixed annual fee that is paid to the Reprographic Reproduction Rights Foundation.

Copyright on publications

It is permissible for a company or organisation to make paper or digital copies of publications. This may take the form of photocopies, scans, emails or prints for internal use.

The makers of such publications (e.g. writers, photographers and publishers) are entitled to a fee. If a company or organisation makes copies of copyrighted work, the Reprographic Reproduction Rights Foundation ensures that authors and publishers receive a fee.

Payment of reproduction fees

All companies and organisations are invoiced for reproduction fees by the Reprographic Reproduction Rights Foundation. The foundation then allocates the revenue to copyright holders each year.

No reproduction fees payable in some cases

There is no need to pay reproduction fees in the following cases:

  • if an employee makes a copy for his or her personal use;
  • if it has been agreed that the reproduction fee will be paid directly to the maker of a work;
  • if the maker has waived their right to a reproduction fee.