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  1. Guide to the International Child Abduction Procedure

    This document provides a guide to the operation of the Dutch procedure for incoming international child abduction cases within ...

    Leaflet | 28-10-2016

  2. Guide for International Cases of Child Abduction to Foreign Countries

    This document contains a guide in which the workings are explained of the system set up by the Netherlands for international ...

    Leaflet | 17-05-2016

  3. International Child Abduction

    This fact sheet informs you on how the Dutch Central Authority on International Children’s Issues can help you in the event of an ...

    Leaflet | 17-05-2016

  4. Application form for the return of the child

    Form | 04-12-2015

  5. How can I prevent my child being abducted and taken outside the Netherlands?

    You can do various things to minimise the chance of your child being abducted.

    Question and answer

  6. What can I do if my child has been abducted and taken abroad?

    If your child has been abducted and taken abroad, you should report this as soon as possible to the Dutch Central Authority for ...

    Question and answer