International maritime agreements

The Netherlands plays an active role in international maritime organisations. By doing so, it is able to ask for attention to be paid to maritime themes that are important to the Netherlands. Such themes include safety, the environment and working conditions.

A voice in international regulations

Maritime shipping is an important transport mode for the Netherlands. It is therefore important to have a voice in international regulations in order to achieve national goals and maintain a level playing field. For instance, international agreements have been made aimed at reducing sulphur emissions from ships. This is of great importance to localised air quality in the Netherlands.

Having international agreements in place means greater impact. Such agreements also ensure fair competition and, for example, prevent countries from sailing cheap ships that create more pollution. The Netherlands is therefore represented in the following bodies:

Short sea shipping

The Dutch government supports the development of a European maritime space without borders. In this way, the government wants to optimise the opportunities offered by short sea shipping (maritime transport between European countries). Through short sea shipping, the government intends to:

  • reduce the administrative burden regarding maritime transport;
  • make maritime transport environmentally friendly;
  • improve transport links between ships, ports and the hinterland.