Applying for a Schengenverklaring or a medical certificate to travel outside the Netherlands with restricted medication

Are you planning on travelling outside the Netherlands and do you need to take medicine with you that falls under the Opiumwet? Then you must apply for a Schengenverklaring or a medical certificate through CAK. These are medicines such as; sleeping pills, strong painkillers, medication for ADHD or medicinal cannabis.

Last updated on 11 May 2022

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Schengenverklaring or medical certificate for medication

You cannot take medication covered by the Opiumwet outside of the Netherlands without a Schengenverklaring or a medical certificate.

Which certificate you need depends on:

  • the country or countries you are visiting,
  • the number of countries you are visiting, and
  • how long you will be travelling for.

The Centraal Administratie Kantoor – CAK (central office for health insurance) has information about which paperwork you need for your country or countries of destination and the duration of your travels (in Dutch).

Applying for a Schengenverklaring or a medical certificate for medication

You can apply for a Schengenverklaring (in Dutch) or a medical certificate through CAK.

Laws and regulations (in Dutch)

Opium Act

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