Where can I find information about my medication in the Netherlands?

You can find detailed information about your medication in the package leaflet. Often your pharmacist will also give you information. The medicines database contains information about all drugs authorised for the Dutch market.

Package leaflet

Whenever you buy medicines in the Netherlands, you will always be given a package leaflet, written in Dutch. The package leaflet must provide the following information:

  • what the medicine is called;
  • how often you may take it, and in what dose;
  • what the medicine’s known side effects are;
  • what the active ingredients are, and what other ingredients it contains;
  • the total contents of the package, such as the number of tablets or volume of cream or gel;
  • what category of medicine it is (such as antibiotic or sleeping pill);
  • the symptoms or diseases for which it can be used;
  • when you should not use the medicine (such as if you are allergic to one of the ingredients, or if you are pregnant);
  • the name of the company marketing the drug.

Ask your pharmacist

Your pharmacist will be happy to help you if you have any questions about medicines or health issues. Information can also be found on Apotheek.nl, the website of the Dutch pharmacy association. 

Information on cover for the cost of medicines

The website Medicijnkosten (in Dutch) provides information about what drugs are covered by the standard health insurance package and what co-payment is required. You can also check if there is an alternative drug for which you would not need to co-pay.

Information about medicinal cannabis

For information about using cannabis medicinally, go to the website of the Office of Medicinal Cannabis.

Information about internet pharmacies

There are pharmacies that sell drugs online. Do not put your health at risk and always check whether you are doing business with a trusted supplier. For information about buying medication online, go to the website Internetpillen.

Information about drug side effects

For information about the side effects of a drug or vaccine, go to the Lareb website.

Medicines database

The medicines database contains information about all the drugs authorised for the Dutch market, including homeopathic remedies. The database is managed by the Medicines Evaluation Board (CBG). The CBG also manages the animal medicines database.