Investigation by the Dutch Safety Board

The Dutch Safety Board (OVV) conducted three investigations into the downing of flight MH17.

The three investigations by the OVV

The OVV investigated:

  • the circumstances surrounding the downing of flight MH17;
  • the decision-making process regarding flight routes; and
  • the procedure for compiling passenger lists.

In October 2015 the OVV published reports of these investigations.

International investigation

The international investigation into the circumstances of the crash was conducted in accordance with the international requirements and methods set out in the Convention on International Civil Aviation. The OVV investigated the downing of the flight and did everything in its power to obtain clarity about the cause of the crash. The OVV also issued recommendations to prevent any repeat of such a disaster.

The OVV made no pronouncements about guilt or liability. These matters were not addressed in the Board’s investigation.