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Press statement by Pieter-Jaap Aalbersberg, head of the repatriation mission

This morning, we decided it was not safe enough to drive with the experts from Donetsk to the crash site of flight MH17. We took ...

News item | 29-07-2014 | 20:25

Prime Minister Rutte to meet prime minister of Malaysia

On Thursday 31 July 2014, Prime Minister Mark Rutte will meet with Prime Minister Najib Razak of Malaysia to discuss the ...

News item | 29-07-2014 | 15:26

Investigation at crash site currently not possible

The group of Dutch and Australian experts did not travel today to the site in the east of Ukraine where flight MH17 crashed. ...

News item | 29-07-2014 | 10:37

Press statement by Pieter Jaap Aalbersberg, head of the repatriation mission

This morning a team of 38 Dutch and 12 Australian experts headed out to the MH17 crash site in eastern Ukraine for the 2nd time ...

News item | 28-07-2014 | 18:46

No safe passage available to crash site MH17

This morning there is no safe passage available to the site in Eastern Ukraine where flight MH17 has crashed.

News item | 28-07-2014 | 13:34

Forensic team going to crash site

This morning a team of 26 forensic experts from the Netherlands left Donetsk to travel to the crash site.

News item | 28-07-2014 | 12:04

No military repatriation mission to Ukraine

On Sunday 27 July at 17:30 Prime Minister Mark Rutte gave a press conference on the Ukraine air disaster. This followed an extra ...

News item | 27-07-2014 | 22:55

Crash site area currently unsafe

There is currently no safe passage available for the team of 30 Dutch forensic experts who have travelled to Ukraine to ...

News item | 27-07-2014 | 14:30

40 members of Dutch military police to join efforts in Ukraine

Prime Minister Mark Rutte held a press conference on the Ukraine air disaster at 20:15 on Thursday evening. Mr Rutte said the ...

News item | 25-07-2014 | 13:58

Victims of air disaster flown to Eindhoven

On Wednesday 23 July, 40 coffins carrying the bodies of victims of flight MH17 arrived at Eindhoven Air Base. An Australian ...

News item | 24-07-2014 | 14:35