Care for military casualties

The care provided for Dutch military casualties includes pensions, medical devices and financial allowances. Their next of kin may also be eligible for a pension.

Care package for military casualties

The care package for military casualties includes the following provisions:

  • Military Invalidity Pension (MIP)
    The MIP is a pension for former military personnel who have been injured, fallen ill or been disabled through their work, or whose medical conditions have been exacerbated by their work for the Defence organisation.
  • Special Pension for Surviving Dependants of Military Personnel (BMNP)
    The BMNP is a cash benefit for next of kin whose partner died in the course of their military duties or in exceptional circumstances (e.g. during missions or in comparable circumstances). The pension is available to partners to whom the deceased serviceman or servicewoman was married, or with whom they had entered into a registered partnership.
  • Medical devices
    These include chair lifts, wheelchairs and specially adapted cars.
  • Financial allowances
    These include allowances for transport costs, home help or hiring a wheelchair.

Front office for military casualties

The Ministry of Defence has one front office for military casualties. It is part of the ABP Pension Fund's front office for military war and service victims.
Bringing access to all care under one body means that military personnel who are ill, injured or disabled will only need to be assessed by one doctor.