Better public transport connections

Railways are a vital part of the public transport network. Providing more services in the future means upgrading and expanding the tracks, and they are already heavily used. It also means optimising connections to other types of transport.

Track improvement

The number of train passengers is increasing each year. And more goods are being transported by rail too. To accommodate this growth, more trains are needed on the tracks. But for these trains to travel safely and efficiently, the railway network must first be improved.

Track expansion

It is vital for the Dutch economy that all regions of the Netherlands are easily accessible. The government has proposed a whole range of measures to ensure reliable, safe and sustainable public transport, so access can be guaranteed.

Good public transport connections

The government wants to make travel by public transport faster and easier. This means passengers must have good onward connections by train, bus, tram and metro. And it’s also important that motorists and cyclists can transfer swiftly to public transport for their onward journey.