Can I use my phone while driving?

If you are driving a vehicle you may use a phone, tablet or music player only with a hands-free set-up. If your vehicle is stationary you may use these handheld.

Handsets and motorised vehicles

Are you the driver of a motor vehicle, moped, scooter or motorised mobility vehicle? You are not allowed to hold a phone, navigation system, tablet or music player while driving. You are also not allowed to hold your phone in place between your shoulder and your ear.

You may use your phone handset in a parked or stationary vehicle

You may use your handset if your car is parked or stationary (for example if you are stopped in a traffic jam or at a red light).

Penalties for using a phone handset while driving

You can be given a fine for handheld use of a phone, navigation, tablet or music player while driving. You can find an overview of fines for traffic offences in the Public Prosecution Service’s database of fines (Boetebase, in Dutch only). Offences are listed by category.

Using a phone while driving increases the risk of an accident

Using a handset while driving causes dangerous behaviour and increases the risk of an accident. If you use a phone while driving you will be distracted. You will also have to divide your attention between your phone conversation and the road.

Rules on using a phone while driving

The rules concerning the use of a phone while driving are set out clearly in article 61a of the Traffic Rules and Signs Regulation 1990 (Reglement verkeersregels en verkeerstekens 1990): ‘It is prohibited for a person driving a motor vehicle, moped, scooter or motorised mobility vehicle to hold a mobile telephone while driving.’