Why do we need a new Code of Criminal Procedure?

The Ministry of Security and Justice wants to make the Code of Criminal Procedure easier to understand for those working in the justice system and for the general public.

There are plenty of reasons to modernise the Code. It has existed since 1926 and has often been changed and updated, but only in bits and pieces. The courts have interpreted its provisions, so the law as it is actually applied is often difficult to recognise from the wording of the Code. There have been a lot of changes in technology and society since 1926. And there are types and methods of crime that did not even exist then.

Benefits of modernising the Code of Criminal Procedure

Here are some of the benefits of modernisation. The revised Code will:

  • improve investigations, prosecution and trials;
  • be easier to use;
  • be easier for people to understand;
  • improve the way justice is administered by the courts;
  • improve the performance of the criminal justice system;
  • be independent of technology. This means it won’t have to be constantly updated to cover new technological advances.