How can I bid for contracts on NATO projects?

Companies can bid for contracts from the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) through contract award procedures.

Contract award procedures for NATO projects

Contracts for NATO projects are usually awarded by means of International Competitive Bidding (ICB). Companies from all NATO member states may take part. This means that Dutch companies can also bid for NATO contracts outside the Netherlands.

NATO member states pay for new projects, such as the construction of airfields, headquarters and naval bases, collectively.

Rules on NATO contract award procedures

When bidding for a NATO contract, your company should bear in mind that:

  • the bid must cover the entire project, not just certain supplies or subcontracts;
  • documentation is in English and French (the official NATO languages);
  • NATO may require staff on certain projects to undergo a security screening. At the request of the Commissariat for Military Production (CMP), the General Intelligence and Security Service (AIVD) will screen your staff.

The government helps companies with contract award procedures

The CMP can help companies complete a contract award procedure. The CMP is part of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy.

  • The National Security Authority carries out security screenings when required by NATO.
  • It is your contact point if you need a Declaration of Eligibility stating your company’s address and contact details. If NATO or one of its member states is awarding a contract, it will ask interested companies for a Declaration of Eligibility. At the company’s request, the government will send the Declaration to the NATO project manager.
  • It provides access to NATO documents on the projects to interested companies. Any staff member who will access the documents must first undergo a security screening. The CMP can request the screening. The staff can then access the documents at the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy.

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