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Can I get a grant for conservation or landscape management?

If you are a landowner, you can apply for a grant to help maintain protected species of plants and animals on your property....

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Summary on Global Oceans Action Summit

The Chair's summary and main outcome of the Global Oceans Action Summit held from 22 April until 25 April 2014 in The Hague.

Report | 25-04-2014

The Natural Way Forward - Government Vision 2014

This Nature Vision is a strategic document setting out the major strands of government policy as they will be shaped in...

Report | 01-04-2014

Nature Policy Plan - The Caribbean Netherlands

Nature Policy for the Caribbean Netherlands 2013-2017

Publication | 03-02-2014

TEEB-study: The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity for Business

This reports shows there are opportunities for companies that anticipate the growing pressure on ecosystems. In this report...

Report | 01-06-2012

TEEB-study: Green, healthy and productive

The report Green, healthy and productive, examines the potential costs and benefits of nature for our health, on the basis of...

Report | 16-05-2012

Policy Agenda for Sustainable Food Systems

Letter by ministers Verburg (LNV), Cramer (VROM) and Koenders (BUZA) about the Policy Agenda Sustainable Food Systems.

Parliamentary document: Letter to the Parliament | 17-11-2009

Policy Memorandum on Invasive Exotic Species

Letter by minister Verburg (LNV) describing the intentions for policy on invasive exotic species.

Parliamentary document: Letter to the Parliament | 15-10-2009

Public Summary of Policy Document on Sustainable Food

Public Summary of the Policy Document on Sustainable Food. In this Document the Minister sets out her vision on how food...

Leaflet | 26-09-2009