National Ecological Network (NEN)

The National Ecological Network (NEN) is made up of existing and planned nature areas. It is known as the National Ecological Network, or EHS, in legislation. The network is designed to link nature areas more effectively with each other, and with surrounding farmland.

Which nature areas are part of the NEN?

The NEN encompasses:

  • existing nature conservation areas, including the 20 National Parcs;
  • areas where new wildlife habitats are being created;
  • agricultural land under nature-friendly management;
  • over six million hectares of water: lakes, rivers, the North Sea coastal zone and the Wadden Sea;
  • all Natura 2000 areas.

Responsibility for the NEN

The provincial authorities are responsible for the National Ecological Network.

Pan-European Ecological Network (PEEN)

The NEN will eventually be linked up with nature areas in other European countries to form a contiguous Pan-European Ecological Network (PEEN).